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All you need to know about making cannabis tea

All you need to know about making cannabis tea

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Few things go better with a hot cup of tea than a perfectly-rolled joint. And if you’ve got the rest of the day off and a nice view to gaze at longingly, then that’s about as good as it gets. But like tea, cannabis is very versatile, and by no means does it always need to be twisted up and smoked or packed into the bowl of your bong.

Instead, you can use that weed to brew up a mug of marijuana tea and find a whole new way to kick back with some herb (and some herbal tea). 

Why make marijuana tea when I can just smoke it?

Few things get you from point A to point B quicker than a joint, but there will always be times when you want to mix things up a bit. This is partly because edibles – be they pot brownies or a weed beverage like marijuana tea – produce a completely different high that can put a smile on your face and leave you feeling all warm and snuggly inside. 

Also, not everyone can smoke, and there will be times in life where you may want to be more discreet or in which exhaling clouds of pungent weed smoke just isn’t quite an option. 

For times like those, marijuana tea is a great option.

Cannabis-infused tea
Cannabis tea can produce a different kind of high than smoking (Shutterstock)

First things first – decarboxylate that herb

While eating raw weed can have its own benefits, it’s not going to get you high unless you decarboxylate the herb first. Decarboxylation is a long word to describe the simple process in which heating up weed converts the cannabinoid THCA to THC, thus making it so that you can get high. 

To decarboxylate, simply heat up your oven to 220-245°F (105-120°C) and place some ground cannabis on a cookie sheet and bake it for around 40 minutes. 
For our extended guide to decarboxylation, read more here

The six best ways to make marijuana tea 

  1. Using cannabutter
  2. Cannabis oil
  3. Using a tincture
  4. Weed stems
  5. Using infused sweetener
  6. Ice Tea

1. Put some cannabutter in your tea

If butter is an essential part of breakfast for so many people, does that mean tea made with cannabis butter is technically a breakfast tea? We don’t see why not.  

A very simple way to make weed tea is to brew a mug of tea like you usually do, and then mix in some cannabutter. How much to use depends on your tolerance and the potency of the cannabutter, but a teaspoon or so will probably do the trick.

2. Put some weed-infused oil in there 

If you don’t like the idea of drinking some melted butter with your chamomile tea, or you abstain from dairy, then you can easily substitute an infused cannabis oil. Flavor wise your best bet would probably be coconut oil, but that’s simply a matter of taste. 

3. Make weed tea with a cannabis tincture 

Cannabis tinctures, is there anything they can’t do? Yes, actually, and the list is quite long. But, when it comes to making cannabis edibles, tinctures are especially versatile. To make weed tea with a cannabis tincture, simply brew your tea like usual, and then stir in some of your tincture. Tinctures are water soluble and should dissolve seamlessly into the tea. How much you use depends again on the potency and your tolerance, so your best bet is to use the same tincture that you always go with, just in a hot mug of tea. 

Woman using a cannabis tincture in tea
Tinctures are water soluble and should dissolve seamlessly into the tea (Shutterstock)

4. Make marijuana tea with weed stems 

Ah, weed stems – you were there to hold our buds all the way to the harvest, only to get tossed out in the trim room. If you’re the type to keep your weed stems though, marijuana tea is an easy way to put them to use. Take a few grams of ground up weed stems (about a tablespoon) and then decarboxylate in the oven. Then either put them in a tea bag or tea steeper (or a coffee filter) and steep in a piping hot mug of water for about 7 to 10 minutes. They’re not going to taste all that great, but that’s what sugar or honey is for. Speaking of which….

5. Make weed tea with a cannabis-infused sweetener 

Life can’t always be sweet, but having some cannabis sugar or cannabis honey can definitely help. A great way to make a mug of cannabis tea is to simply make normal tea, and sweeten it with either cannabis sugar (“canna sugar”) or cannabis honey (you guessed it, “cannahoney”). 

6. Why not make some cannabis iced tea?

Making iced tea with cannabis is a very refreshing way to stay cool and get very high. It’s also about as easy as, well, making iced tea. 

Your best bet is to make a pitcher of iced tea like you usually do, and then substitute cannabis sugar or cannabis honey for the sweetener you typically use. Just be careful though – if you’re the type who loves your tea so sweet that a spoon sticks up straight in glass (we’re looking at you, southerners), then be careful not to use too much cannabis-infused sweetener, unless you want to have an especially potent high. 

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