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The 8 best cannabis grow boxes in 2022

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The 8 best cannabis grow boxes in 2022

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Cannabis is a medicine, a hobby, a culture, a way to kick back with friends, and a great ice-breaker. But as anybody who has ever grown their own successful marijuana harvest can tell you — there’s nothing like growing your own cannabis to make you truly appreciate the plant. 

First off, growing your own cannabis can save you a lot of money, even with a small harvest. After drying and curing you should be able to get an ounce or more out of each plant cycle, and you can easily run a few cycles each year. 

If you make each cycle two or three plants instead of one, and with the price of an ounce of cannabis going for $150 to well over $300 in some states, you can see how it adds up. In fact, by the time a new grower finishes their first grow cycle, the marijuana they harvest should pay for the growing equipment.

But not everyone can invest in a sophisticated indoor hydroponic grow operation, and countless people live in areas where growing your own weed out in the backyard (or anywhere) is still illegal. If you’re looking to start growing your own cannabis, but easily, at home and on your own terms, a grow box could be your best option. 

Top Choice
Best value
  • Fully automated and controlled by a smart app
  • Very compact size that fits in any room
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Best Value
Best for Beginners
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Affordable and includes voucher for cannabis seeds
  • 24/7 grow support
Best all-in-one kit
  • Five different grow boxes available
  • Each kit is scalable
  • One year warranty and customer support
Best hands-off system
  • Full spectrum top and side lighting
  • Suitable for soil or hydro grows
  • Unlimited phone and email tech support
Best stealth grow
  • Wi-fi connected camera to remote monitor plants
  • Front window to show off your plants
  • 90-day "concierge service" to assist in grow
Best sleek and discrete grow
  • Ships fully assembled
  • 24/7 environmental monitoring
  • Fluid glass to view plants, while carbon filter neutralizes odor
Best for growing tall plants
  • Smart app to control lighting and watering schedules
  • Very high grow space
  • Easily customized with a wide range of enhancements
Best complete grow tent
  • Very wide range of accessories and tools
  • Commercial level LED light
  • Includes tools for trimming, drying, and curing as well

Here’s a closer look at the best grow boxes for weed:

Price guide:
★ = 0 – $100
★★ = $100 – $500
★★★ = $500 – $1500
★★★★ = Over $1500

Best value: Mary Model Z

  • Good for: Growing plants automatically 
  • Price: ★★★★
  • Size: 53.1″ tall x 17.7″ wide x 12.9″ deep
  • Number of plants: Can produce up to 3 ounces of flower per grow according to the company.
  • Type: Grow box

The Mary Model Z is a Canadian-made grow box system that is designed to plug in and turn on. The climate controlled smart system can automatically nurture your plants until they are ready to harvest. It’s the perfect grow box for beginners and those without the time to micromanage their plants.

This is achieved through an in-house pod system that automatically refills your nutrients and keeps your plants hydrated with the right amount of water and multi-directional lighting to simulate the sun. All of which is reported back to you through an integrated app. The app offers the following features:

  • Live support with access to expert tips and advice
  • Tracking designed to help you monitor your plants in real-time
  • Growing advice and reminders to help take care of your plant

The Mary Model Z is a highly efficient hydroponic system that uses cutting-edge technology to provide a clean indoor growing experience. The multi-directional LED light system provides light to your plants and only uses a minimal amount of power—in fact, less than most home appliances.

The Mary Model Z is a “plug and play” hydroponic grow box that will fit perfectly in any room in your home. It’s designed to be integrated into the space that it’s placed in so it won’t stick out and it can actually elevate the look of any room.  

While some drop box suppliers are currently having issues with delayed delivery times, the Mary Model Z is currently shipping throughout Canada and the US.

Customer reviews:

“I am growing the King Tut sativa strain. I like how well it produces the bud in a closed setting. This is my second year with Mary. Have loved the learning curve.”

Gerr, ON Canada

“This Grow Box is the best Bang for your Buck, and with Unmatchable Customer Service they are by far the best pick for anyone looking into Growing Indoors, Beginner-Veteran.”


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Best for Beginners: A Pot for Pot

  • Good for: People with no growing experience 
  • Price: ★ to ★★
  • Size: ½ gallon to 35 gallon 
  • Number of plants: Can grow one ounce to more than one pound, according to company
  • Type: Grow pot 

A Pot for A Pot Grow Kit A Pot for Pot features five separate all in one grow kits that cost as little as $34.95 and should have you well on your way to your first harvest. Don’t think of them as grow boxes or grow tents, rather, they’re all-included kits for those who already have a dedicated space for their grow, they just need all the supplies – and a little bit of guidance. 

A Pot for Pot kits are suitable for all budgets, with the entry-level mini complete pot grow kit for growing up to an ounce of flower, to the Large Complete Pot Grow Kit, which the company says is suitable for growing more than a pound of flower. 

The kits contain everything you need to grow weed at home — including a seed germination kit, pot drain saucer, soil, beneficial bacteria, a spray bottle, growing guide, and other handy supplies for your garden. The kits also come with 24/7 grow support for when/if things get a bit complicated. Also, from the medium complete grow kit and up, you’ll get magnifying smartphone camera lenses to help track bud growth and perfect those pics you share with your friends. 

Best of all: Every kit comes with a $40 voucher that you can use to buy cannabis seeds from I Love Growing Marijuana. 

You may want to consider pairing your pot with an auto-flowering strain, which can be perfect for beginners. 

Best all-in-one kit: The Budgrower

  • Good for: Big indoor grows 
  • Price: ★★ to ★★★
  • Size: 24″inches deep x 24″inches wide x 60″inches tall to 48 inches deep x 48 inches wide x 80 inches tall
  • Number of plants: 1-9 (depending on which kit) 
  • Type: Grow tent  

“Tents, Lights, Soils, everything you need to grow in a single box,” is the tagline of the Budgrower, which features five highly-sophisticated kits for growing anywhere between 1-9 plants. 

For beginners, the Starter Indoor Kit and Signature LED Indoor Kit are great options that provide all the fundamentals for growing 1-3 plants indoors, including soil, lights, nutrients, a heat and humidity monitor, electric timer, and more. Both are five feet tall but are narrow, at only two feet deep and two feet wide. This allows them to fit neatly in a closet or pantry. 

It uses double layered 600D Diamond reflective mylar inside, which the company refers to as “the most reflective and durable material available industry wide.” 

The Signature LED Kit includes everything from the starter kit, as well as an LED light with much higher output and lower energy consumption. 

All Budgrower kits have a double flap closure to trpa the light in, plus top to bottom zippers for easy access to all parts of your plants and the grow area. 

With Budgrower kits you can also make your grow scaleable – if you desire. The Dual Power Kit for instance, can be used to grow 3 to 6 plants with double the LED power (1200-Watts), without taking up much more space than the beginner kits (it’s 48 inches wide as opposed to 24, but the height and depth are the same).  

And once you really get your skills and confidence humming, you could even consider the Advanced Grow Kit, which can produce 4 to 9 plants. You’re going to need a spare 16 square feet of room in your house, and the grow kit is 8 feet tall, so probably not a great fit for everybody. 

Any kit ordered from the Budgrower comes with helpful guides and instructions, as well as a one year warranty and access to customer support to help with any growing issues. 

Best hands-off system: Dealzer Cash Crop 6.0

  • Good for: Growing multiple plants 
  • Price: ★★ to ★★★★
  • Size: 36″ Tall x 16″ Wide x 11.0″ Deep
  • Number of plants: Can grow 1 to 2 pounds of flower, according to company
  • Type: Grow box

Dealzer offers a variety of small, compact single and multiple plant grow boxes that can fit easily and stealthily into just about any roof of the house that isn’t the bathroom. According to Dealzy, the grow boxes “facilitate sanitary, safe and efficient cultivation for a wide range of valuable crops.”

The Cash Crop 6.0 is a “dummy-proof” 2 plant LED hydroponics grow box that stands about three feet tall and according to the company, can produce 1-2 pounds of dry flower per grow cycle – which it says can be in as little as 8-12 weeks. 

The box comes with full spectrum LED top and side lighting, pre-installed fans with carbon filter odor protection, odor control fans, exhaust, ventilation, air pump, water pump, and more. It can also be upgraded with an “advanced nutrients pack.” 

It’s a hands-off operation, and all the grower needs to do is set it up and then switch the water and nutrients for the plants each week. According to the company, it should require no more than 10 minutes to set up and 10 minutes of work per week. 

The grow box can be used for soil or hydro grows, and all customers can make use of unlimited phone and email tech support.  

Best stealth grow: Green Goddess Armoire 

  • Good for: Ultra discreet design 
  • Price:  ★★★★
  • Size: 50″ Tall x 25″ Wide x 25″ Deep
  • Number of plants: Can produce a quarter pound of flower in 60 days, according to company
  • Type: Stealth box

Sleek, discrete, and ready to harvest in as little as two months, the Green Goddess Armoire is a highly-sophisticated grow box that takes all of the guesswork out of growing – and looks good while doing it.  

“A complete biochamber kit” – the Green Goddess is designed to look just like an armoire. The energy efficient grow chamber stands about 4 feet tall and comes with a 12 spectrum proprietary timed LED light, air circulation fans, a WiFi-connected waterproof camera (for checking your plant remotely), an “ultra-quiet” air filtration system, temperature and humidity regulators, child-proof locks, a digital hygrometer to monitor air humidity and temperature, and a “no-smell carbon” scrubber exhaust system so the grow box can sit in the living room like a classy cabinet, without stinking up the place. 

The armoire is easy to set up, and according to the company, growing with the system is as easy as plugging in the unit, planting seeds, and adding water. They also state that it shouldn’t take any more than 2 minutes of attention per day to ensure a great cannabis harvest.  

If you face any hurdles from seed to harvest, the company offers its 90-day free “Concierge Service” which it says can “hand-hold you through the process!”

Best sleek and discrete grow: The Grobo Solid

  • Good for: A sleek, very discreet and professional grow cabinet 
  • Price: ★★★★
  • Size: 48″ Tall x 14″ Wide x 14″ Deep
  • Number of plants: Can produce up to 3 ounces of flower every 4 months, according to company
  • Type: Stealth box

“Where sleek meets discrete” is the tagline for the Grobo Solid, which almost looks like a stealth grow box made by Apple, or perhaps the way astronauts discreetly grow herb on the international space station. 

The grow box is very sleek and easy to use, and stands just four feet tall, with a fluid glass viewing window so you can gaze longingly at your plants without letting any contaminants in (or any of the odor out). 

The box contains 8-spectrum LED lights, which the company says are optimized to produce higher yields, even if you’re a beginner. To make things easier, the grow box provides automatic nutrient dosing, automated pH balancing, responsive LED lighting, 24/7 environmental monitoring, and educational push notifications. It also automatically shifts the lighting from more blue lighting to more red light when it shifts from the vegetative stage to the flowering phase. 

And according to Grobo, you should expect up to 3 ounces of flower every four months, and all of it in a safely locked away, discreet grow box with advanced odor control included. 

Best for growing tall plants: the SuperFlower Smart Grow Closet

  • Good for: Growing plants that are up to six feet tall  
  • Price: ★★★★ 
  • Size: 72″ Tall x 36″ Wide x 24″ Deep
  • Number of plants: Can produce up to 3 ounces of flower every 4 months, according to the company. Up to 16 plants in vegetative flowering chamber if hydroponic, 6 five gallon soil pots if growing in soil. 
  • Type: Stealth box

Some cannabis strains really love to reach for the sky. The SuperFlower Smart Grow Closet was tailor-made for the taller strains, with a grow chamber that reaches 6 feet in height. 

The SuperCloset is a 13 time “Gear of the Winner” and comes with a wide variety of features including their 16 plant superponics system for hydroponic grows, a premium moisture meter and soil pots for soil grows, the KING K3 XL450 Series 2 LEG grow light, supplemental lighting, a trellis system, and circulation fan and carbon filters to name just a few. 

It also includes a WiFi grow cam to help you monitor it all with the company smart phone app. 

And whenever you may or may not have questions, you can make use of the lifetime customer, technical and grow support. 

Best complete grow tent: Black Dog Led Complete LED Grow Kit

  • Good for: Having a comprehensive set up with a laundry list of tools and accessories  
  • Price: ★★★★
  • Size: 79″ Tall x 30″ Wide x 30″ Deep
  • Number of plants: Can house four plants to harvest 
  • Type: Grow tent 

Designed to “ensure maximum yields with minimal effort,” the Black Dog Led Complete LED Grow Kit has everything you need to get from seed to harvest – including the trimming and curing. 

It’s a real cornucopia of cannabis cultivation, with ventilation, humidity control, a carbon filter, hygrometer, pot elevators, flood trays, tools to manage nutrients and trimming, drying, and cutting, to put it simply. The kit also includes LED lights which Black Dog Led says can produce commercial level vegetative and flowering yields. 

The grow kit also comes with free shipping, a 90 day return policy, and a limited lifetime warranty. 

Are marijuana grow boxes worth it?

A marijuana grow box provides all the benefits of an indoor grow — you can completely control your environment, including light, temperature, and stability, and aren’t at the mercy of the elements like in an outdoor grow. They also typically come with their ventilation and odor control systems, which can be crucial in keeping your grow discreet, and optimizing the health of your plants. 

Perhaps most importantly, grow boxes and kits contain everything you need to grow marijuana easily and efficiently. They are self-contained and include light, ventilation, soil, and a container for the plant to grow in. Most also allow you to control the humidity, light levels and duration, temperature, and all types of other factors that are essential to growing marijuana successfully. Also, buying a single grow kit or grow box can be less expensive than buying all the various parts separately. 

Many of these devices are sold with the novice grower in mind and are designed to take a lot of the confusion out of the whole process. They provide step-by-step instructions and some take a “set it and forget it” approach, where the plant grows on its own inside the device, requiring very little intervention from the grower. 

Know what’s in your cannabis 

Anybody who has grown their own vegetables knows the feeling of preparing food that they grew in their own backyard. When you grow your own cannabis, you know everything about where it came from, how it was grown, what was put in the soil, and what strain it actually is — and not just what you were told it is. You’ll also have the peace of mind of knowing that no pest control measures were used — without having to decipher a certificate of analysis, if one is even available. 

Ensure a reliable and consistent supply 

If you’ve found the strain that works best for you, be it for anxiety or insomnia or any other condition, you surely know the frustration of not being able to find it at a local dispensary. Maybe a grower stopped producing it or the dispensary stopped carrying it. Just finding the right strain can take some people a long time, and not being able to get a steady supply of your medicine could make all that time and effort go down the drain. 

Also, if you’re growing your own, you can guarantee that you are getting the same strain every time — especially if you clone your plant.  

A wholesome hobby 

Growing your own marijuana garden is a fun and rewarding experience — even if the yield doesn’t end up being something to write home about. There’s the time and effort you invest in creating something out of a seed and the anticipation of following the process week after week. Don’t be surprised if you get hooked. 

Growing your own weed can also foster a newfound appreciation for the intricacies of the plant and how the finished product makes it to the dispensary shelf. You’ll gain an understanding of how temperature can change the coloring of the buds, the role of moisture and heat, and also how important the curing and drying process is. 

While growing marijuana is a little more complicated than many people may think, a novice can still have their own homegrown bumper crop. After all, people have been cultivating marijuana for thousands of years, long before they had access to the technology and shortcuts of today. 

Namely, they never had access to grow kits or grow boxes. 

Stealth grow boxes vs. grow tent

Well before you place that order – and months before harvest – you’ll face perhaps the most consequential question: steal grow box or grow tent?

The answer depends on what you’re looking for. 

As the name makes clear, stealth grow boxes are meant to be ultra-discreet, to pass as a simple armour or storage cabinet to the unsuspecting eye. They are a great option if you don’t want the world or any house guests or repairmen to know you’re growing cannabis, but don’t have a basement or storage shed to hide your plants in.  

Stealth grow boxes can also be pretty cool. They often include a hidden window for viewing that doesn’t require opening the box, and can be remotely monitored by way of a smartphone app. They are also typically much better sealed and insulated than grow tents, with built in filtration systems, so smell is less of a problem as well. 

But there are some drawbacks. Mainly, they tend to cost more than tents, and can’t be as easily broken down and moved around the house if need be. 

Whether or not you should go with a stealth grow box or a grow tent depends on your budget and how discreet you need to be. 

For most people, a grow tent will be more than enough to get the job done, and may also have just as many accessories and features. 

But if you’re looking for a James Bond-esque liquor cabinet that slides open to reveal a mini cannabis farm, then you really only have one option. 

Do grow boxes smell?

You know the feeling, you’re out on a walk in the neighborhood or waiting in your car in the parking lot picking up your kids from school and it hits you – your nose perks up and your head turns as you try to place that unmistakable odor of weed.

It’s no secret that marijuana can have a very strong and pungent odor, and with certain strains, even just a single plant can be odoriferous enough to potentially alert the neighbors. When growing weed indoors, this can necessitate the use of ventilation methods like carbon filters, ozone generators, and oscillating fans, which can also help stave off humidity and prevent mold and pests. But what can you do about the smell when you’re growing cannabis in a small, sealed off grow box?

A simple grow kit meant for outdoor grows doesn’t provide many sophisticated options for odor control, but with grow tents and boxes, the industry has provided a number of solutions. 

A worthwhile grow box or grow cabinet (such as the Green Goddess Armoire) should be sealable and come with a ventilation and odor control system included. These include such tools as carbon air filters – ideally one that uses absorbent charcoal – and exhaust fans, which can more or less “scrub out” the weed smell while ensuring good airflow for the plant inside. The odor will still escape whenever you open the box/cabinet, but otherwise you’ll be in better shape than if you were just growing a plant in your closet. 

For grown tents it’s a good bit trickier as they aren’t typically as well sealed as grow boxes. Nonetheless, you can place a carbon filter and small fan inside the grow tent and this should definitely make a difference. 

Another method is to not try to remove the scent, but to mask it instead. Odor absorbing gels can make a difference, as can air fresheners, though ultimately you’re just trying to replace one smell with another. 

Odor control also includes the methods you use outside of the grow box or grow tent. If you have a grow box in your living room for instance, make sure to keep the area ventilated, with ceiling fans or box fans, and also crack the windows and doors of the house from time to time. Just keep in mind how close the next house or apartment is, and remember that the smell can carry out onto the sidewalk. You should also try to limit how often you open the grow box.

How to make your own grow box 

If you’re thinking about growing your own weed then you may already be more enterprising than the average person. In this case, you might want to consider building your own grow box. 

You could repurpose a dresser or trunk if it’s the right size (about three to four feet tall, 1.5 to 2 feet wide and deep) or buy some 1/4 plywood, screws, and two hinges for the door, and you’re on your way. An added benefit of repurposing an item of household furniture like a dresser or an old refrigerator (or even an old PC tower, for a small plant) is that it’s a more stealthy option, depending on how good your odor control methods are. Make sure to drill several large holes in the floor of the box to help air flow.

Once you have the frame of the grow box, drill a hole in the top of the back of the box to place the ventilation fan. Paint the walls inside white or coat them in aluminum foil, in order to reflect the light from the lamps back onto the plants. 

Other than that, you’ll need to install a small lighting system, a thermostat, and ideally a charcoal filter to take care of the smell. All together, the cost of purchasing these items could be significantly less expensive than a store-bought grow box or cabinet, and potentially much less than even a single ounce of weed from your dealer/dispensary. 

When considering which strain to grow in the box, look at ones that grow smaller and shorter. Autoflowering cannabis ruderalis strains tend to grow smaller and flower quicker, and with many Indica strains you’re more likely to have a small, bushy plant. 

Time to try out your green thumb 

If you’ve ever thought about growing your own cannabis but figured it was too hard, you’re not alone. We’ve all pictured what it must be like strolling out in the back yard between rows of tall, flowering marijuana plants with a satisfied grin across your face, and then just ended up shrugging and ordering from the local dispensary. 

Grow kits and grow boxes take out all the fuss of growing and can make even a novice grower – or someone who has killed every houseplant they ever bought – a successful cannabis grower in no time. 
You just bring the seeds.

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