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Where is weed legal around the globe?

Where is weed legal around the globe?

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There has been immense progress in the legalization of medical cannabis in countries around the world, including some that have legalized or decriminalized the plant for adult recreational use. 

Nonetheless, navigating the many jurisdictions can be tricky. Rules and regulations surrounding cannabis vary wildly from country to country. And though there are some countries where weed is legal or decriminalized, others still have regressive policies. 

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Staying up-to-date with cannabis laws is a must for cannabis patients who find themselves having to travel for work, vacation, or any other reason.

The following guide, while not legal advice, is your first stop for learning about the different legal statuses of cannabis around the world.  We have classified each country’s laws about medical cannabis (legal, illegal, or partially legal) and recreational cannabis (legal, decriminalized, or illegal).

Please note that the United States is represented only on a federal level on this page. A state-by-state breakdown of cannabis legalization can be found here.

Marijuana laws by country & continent:


Where cannabis is legal in Europe

For details about the legality of cannabis in every country in Europe, see our separate Europe page.


North and Central America

For details about the legality of cannabis in every country in North and Central America, see our separate North and Central America page.

United States

Where cannabis is legal in the United States

South America

Where cannabis is legal in South America



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